Learn all about artificial tanning

The Byron Bay Bronze team has worked closely with leading eco formulation chemists to deliver a super premium, effective tanning range. We ensure we use sustainably sourced ingredients...what does that even mean?

Ingredients can come from any suppliers just like your groceries. Some suppliers buy ingredients from China, some from France. The active in 90% of sunless tanning solutions is DHA, or Erythrulose in more expensive, premium solutions (yes we have it) as it gives a more natural, longer lasting result. Our DHA comes from France which is a higher quality and sustainably sourced. German DHA is ok...avoid cheap Chinese products (you can do your own research on this) think under £10 and you are probably looking at Chinese DHA...not what I would put on my skin. 

When DHA reacts with the amino acids in your skin you get a drying affect. We combine scientifically proven actives like Kakadu Plum & Aloe Vera to mitigate (stop) this from happening. There are a bunch of other important ingredients like organic oils, caffeine and vitamins however it would be a long, boring essay about why they have been chosen. Hopefully the performance and a general understanding will give you piece of mind. 

If you do want to know more about our formulation and the intricacies of it, please call or email us...we love talking about ourselves hehe 

Happy tanning xx